Disease Management

Patient Protocol has created a expandable, customizable disease management platform that offer great opportunities for patients, physicians, hospitals, and payers. Each disease management program is built on a fully existing platform that is tailored specifically to a patient, patient population or disease state.

Patient Protocol has made a significant improvement in lives of the chronic ill. With our tailored disease management programs, we have been able to:

  • Curb patients’ symptoms
  • Improve quality of life
  • Avoid ER visits
  • Reduce hospitalizations and re-admissions

All of our customized disease management programs are built with great attention to the patient’s needs and exercised with the assistance from a Data Driven Coach, who educates patients and gently allow them to make positive changes that affect their illness. We decrease disease and reduce cost.

Our disease management programs have also proven to increase chronic ill adherence. Medication non-adherence negatively affects a patient's health, skew data of clinical trials, and increase health resource consumption. Adherence rate to the chronic ill medication therapy is only approximately 50%, which causes a big problem. Poor patient adherence is responsible for up to 69% of medication-related hospitalizations and accounts for $100 billion in annual health care costs.[1] At least 125,000 Americans die annually due to poor medication adherence.[2]

The NIH suggests patient-centered programs to help the chronic ill [3] – and that is exactly what we are offering while coaching the patients to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle and taking the burden off the physician.


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