Customized Services

Patient Protocol offers a data collection package that is created especially to ensure a triumphing setup, implementation and that outcomes are met. The standard package includes essentials for success to include project management, needs assessment, and onboarding. This package comes with a set of standard services and support tools. However, many clients have greater needs, which Patient Protocol can assist with. Some require consulting services to add more hands-on clinical and technical support. Some wish for coding and enrichment that may entail collecting and analyzing specific or big amounts of data or scanning for undocumented adverse events. Others have a great interest in conducting patient interviews to identify specific topic use e.g. pain, pain thresholds, or specific to washout definition. We go out of our way to deliver customized services that accommodate your needs and wants.

Examples of Patient Protocol's customized services:

  • Data entry monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Design customization
  • Patient surveys
  • Patient recruitment tools

To get more detailed information on what Patient Protocol can do for you, call: +1 203-400-7110 or contact us here!

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