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A Life-Changing Program

Lupus was the driving force in Charlotta Norgaard’s life until she discovered a tracking program that would change her life forever. She became aware of her lifestyle and how it affected her body. Today she is the driver of her life.

After 6 months of battling with misdiagnoses, Charlotta received the sad news that she had Lupus (SLE), a chronic autoimmune disease. Suddenly her life had changed, which caused a lot of anxieties and unanswered questions about her future: Was she always going to be in excruciating pain? Would her heart sack stay inflamed and make breathing a painful problem? Would her kidney and liver continue to deteriorate? Would she continue to get cortisone shots in her hips to endure the pain of walking? Would she ever be able to unbutton her pants again herself and go to the bathroom without crying in pain? Would she continue to wake up screaming in pain because she turned in her sleep? Would her hair continue to fall out? Was this disease going to put limitations on the rest of her life?

“I couldn’t carry anything and even pulling a sheet over my body at night hurt” she explains. During the first 3 years she tried different kinds of medicines and had adverse events with all of them. Nothing worked. She started working with a neuropathic doctor, a nutritionist, and an ENT and discovered that she had developed severe allergies to numerous foods and medicines.

When the Mymee program became a part of Charlotta’s life, she was able to do comprehensive tracking incl. lifestyle, food intake, and symptoms, which gave her a true insight on how it was affecting her body. “1 year with Mymee and my blood work fell within normal ranges, which hadn’t happened for approximately 10 years”, she explains. With Mymee she lives in consciousness and knows what triggers pain.  “I’m in control of my life again thanks to Mymee”.

All along Charlotta has collaborated with her doctors. Taking an active role in her health was never an attempt to exclude doctors or medicines but rather to support it and ensure the appropriate treatment was effective. Charlotta’s doctors commend her for taking charge of her health. It has made such a great impact that her Rheumatologist, Dr. Olivia Ghaw, Mount Sinai, New York, NY, currently refers other Lupus patients to Charlotta for inspiration and information. “This is when I knew I had to do more”, Charlotta said. She made it her goal to find a way to translate the Mymee program into a data collection program that could produce powerful and insightful data and drastically improve the way clinical trials are done today. “It is not just about getting better outcomes and reducing adverse events, but getting better drugs to patients who need more treatment options. It is my goal in life and my true passion to help pharmaceutical companies find better therapies faster and cheaper”.

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