Why Clinical Trials May Fail

19 of 20 clinical trials failIt is shocking but true: 19 out of every 20 clinical trials fail*. It is an astonishing number and one that costs the pharmaceutical industry and therefore its patients billions of dollars. We have to ask ourselves why this happens and what consequences it has on the patients as well as your come-to-market strategy and the industry as a whole. How can we prevent it from continuing?

 Outside the safety and efficacy considerations, poor data collection through difficult tracking tools (e.g. paper tracking) can be to blame. It is important to create a data collection system that provides an easy way of tracking progress, clear instructions, and encourages patient adherence. Excessive instructions, complicated onboarding and tracking tool instructions may weaken your chances of getting the data and results you seek. Patient Protocol uses an easy-to-use cross-platform where the technology drives the behavior. Patient adherence is of greatest priority.


Where does Patient Protocol come into the process?

While it is possible to implement the Patient Protocol program at any stage of your data collection project, clinical trial, or patient adherence or maintenance program, it is beneficial for all involved to implement as soon as possible.


Patient Protocol is a full-service data collection provider and can assist you with patient adherence and maintenance programs as well as clinical trials and any other data collection projects. Since we tailor every data collection project to your specific needs there are no real limitations to how or when you can use our system. Specifically in the clinical trial setting, it is highly recommended that Patient Protocol is part of your early stage planning i.e. in the Clinical Trial Integrated Hub Setup during the clinical data management system (CDMS) process.


Why is Patient Protocol effective in data collection?

While our system is customized specifically to your needs, it is based on an existing and tested platform. This means we are able to provide fast turnaround  from contract finalization to data collection program initiation. Customization can include patient surveys; push messages; alerts and reminders; recording of photos, videos and sound tracking and many other options based on your needs.


We offer a unique time-stamp, GPS, and retro tracking options, which allows greater data validation and deeper insights to patients’ behavior. Cohort onboarding does not compromise the quality of your data.

With our system, you can tweak endpoints and alter how and what you measure after data collection has started, which has proven to be a big benefit for our clients. We eliminate terminating your clinical trial or data collection project, rebuilding a system and starting again. We save you time and money. Our system is as adjustable as you need it to be.

We have created a cross-platform that operates on Smartphones, tablets, and computers. If your customer base does not have access to such electronics then Patient Protocol can provide devices for patient tracking use. Losing your tracking device does not mean losing the data. Our data security captures the data in a patient specific cloud system with top data safety. Our security is on the same level as known companies like IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft Studios, DHL, Nokia, Samsung, Expedia, and Ticketmaster. Data security is of greatest concern and something we spend a lot of time improving on a regular basis.

White labeling is a popular choice amongst our clients. Your patients will see your name, clinical trial, drug, or patient adherence program name on the system, not ours.

With better and more precise data collection you get better outcomes, which can lead to faster FDA approval, faster commercialization, better time and cost savings, better payer adaptation, and higher tier formulary coverage. 


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