Why You Should Collaborate With Us

Hospitals, ACOs and MCOs are becoming more and more cost conscious and are looking for new ways to treat chronic ill and high-risk patients in order to enhance patient satisfaction and provide efficient and effective care. Patient Protocol has developed a system aimed at hospitals, ACOs and MCOs, which:

  • Avoid readmissions and ACA penalties
  • Gets the patients actively involved in improving their own health
  • Enhance quality of life

Getting the patient involved in their own healthcare creates powerful results. The Patient Protocol program is designed to narrow in on the individual to understand the triggers. Once we know the triggers, we can treat it more effectively – and eliminating reoccurring hospitalizations and emergencies.

Setting the patient up for success starts with “pay attention” technology combined with an active self-tracking system and health coaching, which creates patient awareness around actions and outcomes and supports behavioral change.

The system is configured for the individual patient’s active self-tracking based on what is needed to have the data driven coaching process move forward at any given moment. In order to choose self-tracking topics that resonate with the patient, effort is put into identifying discrete events or actions from their daily living that give an idea of ‘current state’ and how they are progressing based on much more than perceived pain.

Our system ensures that the patients relate to what they are tracking e.g. a patient being tapered of antidepressants might feel like having a ‘chemical flu’, which is a very personal observation and makes them acutely aware when they enter that state.

The collected data is analyzed and used for the individual patient’s advantage with the aim to improve their health and keep the patient out of the hospital.

For more information on how your hospital can benefit please contact us at info@patientprotocol.net or 203-400-7110.